By means of the present document I HEREBY DECLARE:

    1. 1.That I have read and fully accept the rules and regulations of the Gravel Weekend event organized by Gravel Bike Latvia. These rules can be found published on the official website: www.gravelweekend.com

      2. That I am sure that I am physically and psychologically well prepared to take a part in the event. That I follow the appropriate medical controls to ensure that I am in good health and that I do not suffer from any disease, allergy, physical defect, injury or cardiorespiratory condition that would discourage my participation. 

    1. 3.That I am fully aware of the hardness of the race, the route, profile and distance of it, which I have previously consulted on the website of the race.

      4. That I am aware that this type of race involves a risk for the participants. Therefore, I attend voluntarily and under my own responsibility, assuming all the risks and consequences of my participation. Therefore, I exonerate the organization, collaborators, sponsors and other participants from any responsibility for any physical or material damage that may occur to my person. I waive the right to file a complaint or lawsuit against the aforementioned. 

    1. 5. That I have sufficient knowledge and technical skills to ensure my own safety, taking into account the natural environment and the conditions of autonomy of the race. 

    1. 6. That I have the sporting and safety equipment required by the organization in the rules. I guarantee that the material is in good condition, that I have the knowledge to use it properly, and that I will carry it with me throughout the race.

    1. 7. That I undertake to comply with the rules and safety protocols established by the organization, as well as maintain a responsible behavior that does not increase the risks to my physical or mental integrity. I will follow the instructions and abide by the decisions taken by those responsible for the organization (judges, doctors, police, race marshals and organizers). 

8. That I authorize the Medical Services of the race to perform any treatment or diagnostic test that they deem appropriate at any time during the race, whether I have requested it myself or not. Upon their request, I agree to abandon the event and allow my hospitalization, if they deem it necessary for my health.

  1. 10. That I authorize the organization of the race to take and use any photograph, filming or recording that is made, as long as it is exclusively related to my participation in this event, and not to receive any type of compensation in return. 
  2. 11. That before and during the race I will not consume prohibited substances, considered as doping by the cycling and mountain federations. The organization can pass anti-doping control to any participant. 
  3. That I am aware that my bib is personal and non-transferable, so I will not give or sell it to any other person. This includes the case that I am unable to attend the race. 

12. That I agree to follow the general guidelines of respect for others and the environment, which are listed below:
a) To ride with prudence and according to the rules of the road, on pistes and roads open to traffic.
b) To drive carefully in the presence of people, animals or vehicles.
c) Not to provoke alterations in the processes and natural functioning of ecosystems.
d) Not to deteriorate biotic, geological, cultural, or general environmental resources.
e) Avoid environmentally sensitive areas.
f) Perform the physiological needs in appropriate places, or in any case, away from water points and away from places of passage or gatherings of people.
g) Not to light fires or cause fire hazards.
h) Not to use or install any type of structure or element that leaves a permanent mark on the environment.
i) Not to throw or abandon objects or solid or liquid waste outside the sites expressly designated for the collection of these.
j) Not to leave the marked route during the race.

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