Latvian Championship in Gravel Cycling

What is Gravel cycling?

The ‘gravel’ discipline tends to describe riding a drop-bar bike on unpaved roads and trails, fitting somewhere between road cycling and mountain biking. In this case, the clue isn’t really in the name – gravel riding can encompass all types of terrain, from actual gravel to wooded singletrack and everything in between.
In our case it`s a bike race on a traffic-closed track with rolling terrain and roads varying from amazingly fast forest roads to sandy sections and old tarmac.  

“Gravel Race” will be held on July 1st, Tukums, Latvia

Giant Gravel Race
Latvijas čempionāts Gravel riteņbraukšanā


Giant Gravel race will be held on July 1st in Tukums. It`s 75km from Riga centre.


You can choose between ~30km Family, 65km or 120km distances. The track varies from fast hardpack forest roads to sandy sections and old tarmac.

Technical Regulations

You can go on any bike you like unless it`s a Time Trial bike, MTB bike with a curved bar ends or tandem bike. Or any other bike without brakes. But we suggest to go on a gravel bike with 40mm to 45mm wide tires or on a MTB bike.

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