Gravel Weekend 2024

What to expect

Weekend-long gravel festival! The place to be if you like everything about the gravel cycling. We will start with social rides to see the roads and get new friends. Then we will have a short and fun prologue next to the race centre. We will fuel-up with lots of pasta to be ready in the morning to tackle the 135km or 65km routes. Sure, whats gravel without party! 

August 9th to 11th, Tukums, Latvia


Gravel Weekend 2024



12:00  Social rides
17:00  Prologue
20:00  Pasta Party
22:00 – Silent Night


11:00 135km start
11:30 65km start
13:30 Planned finish for 65km leader 
15:00 Planned finish for 135km leader
17:00 Award ceremony
19:00 Party
Different cycling activities all day long


10:00 Hangover ride


Rolling terrain with fast roads if the weather won’t make any surprises. So be ready for big speeds, especially in the first hour of racing. Choose your distance regarding your abilities but don’t be afraid to challenge yourself. Route is made to be hard for those who want to go fast but pretty easy for those, who want to enjoy. 
Keep in mind that the traffic won’t be closed, so ride on the right side of the road and always keep in mind that there can be a vehicle around the corner.

Technical Regulations

To ride the 135km distance, you need to have a gravel bike. On 65km distance all bikes are suitable unless it’s TT bike.


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