The Regulation

1. Objective.

    1. 1.1. To popularize and promote gravel biking in Latvia;
    2. 1.2. To involve people of different ages and genders from Latvia and visitors in cycling events;
    3. 1.3. To promote gravel biking as an accessible, healthy form of recreational activity.
    4. 1.4. To enhance the international recognition of Gravel Weekend and strengthen the core values of gravel biking.
  1. 2. Organization.
    1. 2.1. The event is organized by the association “Gravel Bike Latvia” in accordance with the guidelines of the Gravel Earth Series (GES) event series;
    2. 2.2. Contact information:
  1. 3. Time and Place.

3.1. August 9th to 11th, 2024, Tukums, Tukums City Park, Lielā iela 36A.

4. Distances.
4.1. Prologue (2.5 km): Starts on August 9th (Friday) at 5:00 PM;
4.2. Long distance (134 km): Starts on August 10th (Saturday) at 11:00 AM. Open to all who can cover 134 km by bicycle and were born no later than 2005;
4.3. Short distance (67 km): Starts on August 10th (Saturday) at 11:30 AM. Open to all who can cover this distance by bicycle and were born no later than 2005.

5. Evaluation.
5.1. Prologue, 67 km, and 134 km race distances will be evaluated and categorized into the following age groups (M – males, W – females, N – Non-binary):
M0/W0/N0 (1990 – 2005)
M1/W1/N1 (1985 – 1989)
M2/W2/N2 (1980 – 1984)
M3/W3/N3 (1975 – 1979)
M4/W4/N4 (1970 – 1974)
M5/W5/N5 (1965 – 1969)
M6/W6/N6 (1960 – 1964)
M7/W7/N7 (1959 and older)
5.2. The Gravel Earth Series (GES) scoring follows the GES points counting rules ( according to the Gravel Weekend race format: sum of time for the prologue (2.5 km) and long (137 km) distances.
5.3. Awards
5.3.1. Advocating gender equality, equal prizes will be provided to both male and female groups, and non-binary groups, regardless of the number of participants. 
5.3.2.The fastest 3 participants in each of the distances will be awarded absolute rankings and the fastest 3 in each age group with prizes provided by the organizers and supporters;
5.3.3. Gravel Earth Series awards will be given to the fastest 3 women, men, and non-binary representatives in the absolute ranking according to the GES and Gravel Weekend race entry format (clause 5.2. of the regulation).

6. Registration.
6.1. Registration can be completed by the participant or by a representative of a team/company/family. The representative, when registering, assumes responsibility for informing participants about the regulations mentioned, especially those concerning participant health and safety;
6.2. Pre-registration takes place before the event at;
6.3. Registration on race days, August 9th and August 10th, takes place at the race center: Tukums, Tukums City Park, Lielā iela 36A;
6.4. The list of participants will be published on the website ;
6.5. The publicly visible start list and results will display the participant’s start number, name, surname, year of birth, represented team, age group, and distance;
6.6. It is the participant’s responsibility to ensure the accuracy of their data and inclusion in the start list;
6.7.Corrections in the registration process, changes in distances, or participant substitutions are possible until August 7th, 2024, by sending an email to;
6.8. Distance changes until August 7th, 2024, are free of charge, after August 7th, 2024, cost 15 EUR;
6.9. Participant substitution on the race day is not possible.

7. Entry Fee.
7.1. The paid entry fee, confirming participation, will not be refunded or transferred to other races;
7.2. If the invoices for the entry fee are not paid by August 7th, 2024, the registration will be canceled!
7.3. The entry fee is available and published on the organizers’ website: 

  1. 8. Assignment and use of start numbers and starting order:

    8.1. Start numbers will be assigned according to the distance and without a corridor assignment, considering that there will be a neutralised start at the beginning of the race;
    8.2. Team representatives can collect numbers by presenting the participant list;
    8.3. The number must be fixed to the handlebars of the bicycle;
    8.4. Numbers must not be damaged or removed their components;
    8.5. During the race, the numbers must be visible, and their size must not be altered;
    8.6. Race officials have the right to remove individuals without start numbers from the start corridor and the track;
    8.7. Participants must enter the start corridor no later than 10 minutes before the start. It is strictly forbidden to climb over or lift bicycles over the barriers delineating the corridor.

9. Judging and information for participants.
9.1. The race follows the UCI regulations. The Gravel Weekend race is supervised by an Latvian Cycling Federation approved panel of judges;
9.2. Wearing a helmet is mandatory. It must be fastened and without any attached items (including video cameras);
9.3. Timing for each race begins at the start signal and ends when crossing the finish line;
9.4. Shortening the distance or crossing the finish line in the opposite direction results in a penalty – disqualification;
9.5. It is recommended to carry a pump, spare tube, water, mobile phone, and medication if necessary during the race;
9.6. Using earphones for music playback during the race is not recommended;
9.7. Doping controls may be carried out during the race;
9.8. From the arrival time at the race until the awards ceremony, the technical compliance of bicycles with UCI regulations can be checked. Starting with tandem bicycles is prohibited. It is also prohibited to start with handlebars equipped with TT bars or bar extensions! In case of non-compliance with the regulations, the rider is disqualified;
9.9. Any participant who feels restricted in any action during the race has the right to file a complaint with the head judge. The complaint must be submitted in writing within 15 minutes after the end of the race, accompanied by a payment of 40 EUR. If the complaint is upheld, the money will be refunded;
9.10. Complaints about the results are accepted within 24 hours after their publication on the website and will be reviewed within 7 days after receipt;
9.11. The panel of judges, together with the organizers, has the right to decide on issues not mentioned in the race regulations and to make changes to the regulations without prior notice;
9.12. Instructions given by judges, organizers, the State Police, and Emergency Medical Personnel are binding for all race participants;
9.13. The race organizers are not responsible for incorrect/misleading data provided during race registration, nor are they responsible for individuals participating in the race without registration or approval from the organizers. Being on the track without registration is prohibited;
9.14. The organizers are not liable for the participants’ lack of knowledge of the regulations, damage to personal property, or injuries incurred during the race;
9.15. Each participant, when registering for the race, assumes responsibility for their health condition during the race, agrees to comply with the traffic rules and race regulations, and is responsible for their safety;
9.16. If someone on the track needs any kind of assistance, the race organizers must be informed immediately at the emergency number +371 29235472;
9.17. By signing up for the race, participants agree that photographs and videos may be taken during the race, before, and after the race for promotional and marketing purposes;
9.18. Found items should be handed over to the organizers;
9.19. Participants are requested not to litter – throwing water glasses/bottles, sports nutrition packaging, etc., in unauthorized areas. A penalty may be imposed for littering – a warning or disqualification. Discarding litter during the race is allowed only in designated areas, such as the race’s feeding zone.
9.20. The race organizers reserve the right to make changes to the Gravel Weekend race regulations or the event itself, informing the race participants in a timely manner.

  1. 10. Personal Data Protection.
    1. 10.1. The data controller is the association “Gravel Bike Latvia”;
    2. 10.2. By applying for the race, the participant agrees to the processing of their personal data for the purposes of organizing the race. To ensure objective race results, it is necessary to provide the participant’s name, surname, gender, date of birth, and selected distance. Other data is provided on a voluntary basis;
    3. 10.3. The publicly visible start list and results display the participant’s name, surname, year of birth, participant group, start number, and team. If a participant does not wish to be publicly listed, they must inform the race organizer via email at In this case, the participant will be listed as “Anonymous” in the public lists.
      10.4. An anonymous participant cannot claim or refuse any awards presented to race participants;
    4. 10.5. At any time, race participants have the opportunity to request deletion or make corrections to their personal data;
    5. 10.6. By applying for the race, participants agree to the use of photos and videos taken during the race by the race organizer, including but not limited to publication on the website, Latvian media, and social portals;
    6. 10.7. If a participant, when applying for the race, provides their email, it will be included in the participant database for the purpose of informing them about news or changes in race information and other events. At any time, the participant can unsubscribe via a link in the email or by sending their preferences to
    7. .
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