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Getting to Latvia

Any flight to Riga, Latvia
Also you can fly to any Lithuanian (Kaunas, Vilnius or Palanga) airport or to Tallin, Estonia.

– Travemünde, Germany to Liepāja, Latvia
– Nynäshamn, Sweden to Ventspils, Latvia

– Vilnius, Lithuania to Riga, Latvia

Getting to Tukums

From Airport
– Rent a car (our offer with promo code will be published in February)
– Ask us for a pick up from airport
– Take a bus or taxi to Riga Central Station and take a train to Tukums I or Tukums II

From Riga
– Take a train to Tukums I or Tukums II
– Rent a car (our offer with promo code will be published in February)
– Ask us for a pick-up

From Liepāja or Ventspils
– Ask us for a pick-up
– Rent a car (we can’t offer a company that operates from there)


– Gravel Weekend Camping grounds (included in Weekend ticket)
– Airbnb or Booking options in Tukums (we suggest Airbnb with a high rating or Ledus Halle in Booking)
– Airbnb or Booking options around Tukums (we suggest Kalndaki, Slokenbeka, Dimzas)
– Ask us for an option. We will have some volunteers who can host you.
– Hotels in Jūrmala or on the seaside (lees than hour driving)

useful apps


Yes — Latvia is very safe to visit. It is important, as with any destination you might travel to, that you stay aware of your surroundings, use basic common sense, and continue with normal everyday precautions. Assuming you do all of that, Latvia is a safe destination to travel to. 
If you stay in Riga, avoid the Latgales neighbourhood and be especially cautious around Central Railway Station (as in every city).
Tukums is a safe city but don’t leave your bike or other expensive belongings unattended. 

Other info

– Currency: EURO
– Language: Latvian. Most of the young people speak English.
– Emergency number: 112
– Driving side: Right
– Alcohol limits for driving: 0.5 (any ground transport). You can get to the jail if drink and drive!
– Narcotics: Illegal. You can get to the jail even for small amounts. 

Useful Apps

– BOLT for Taxi (similar as Uber)
– CityBee, CarGuru, BOLT for car sharing
– Vivi for train schedule (also for tickets but it sometimes glitching)
– Mobilly for parking payments and train tickets
– BalticMaps or LVM Geo for best local maps

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